Finding Self
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What could it be to be truly met at the thresholds of life and to journey with holding, love and support?

Ceremonies have been used from the dawn of time to facilitate a deepened capacity to learn from the initiations that we go through in life.

I believe that many of our rites of passage are happening whether we acknowledge them or not. Working with ceremony consciously allows us grow and deepen through our transitions, so that we can harness the energy they contain for personal and social healing. As we grow through the wheel of life using ceremony to recognise the value of our rites of passage can help us mature into our natural wisdom and find more about our gifts.

I offer the opportunity to co create ceremonies that have meaning for you, honoring your threshold moments in service to the renewal of connection to life, our inner experience, one another and the natural world.

I believe that this endeavor is an essential part of remembering and regenerating healthy culture and community. My interest in this work grew through working as a doula, and recognising the powerful opportunity for healing, rebirth and transformation that the birth of a baby offers a woman and her family.

But birth is just one such portal. Puberty, marriage, breakdowns, menopause, children leaving and the death of parents or loved ones are other life transitions that offer a powerful energy and momentum for growth. How we acknowledge and hold these times of personal initiation has a big impact on how they can be integrated in a life affirming and valuable way. The powerful energy can be harnessed, for learning, growth and healing. Ceremony can support this.

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Fire is at the heart of human culture, growth and transformation since the dawn of time.

In many indigenous cultures it is said that fire is the source of all knowledge. If we are seeking self discovery coming into direct relationship and communication with the elements of nature that are in themselves deeply connected will really support us. Fire is at the heart of all life.  There is the fire of our sun and the hearth fires that have warmed us since the dawn of time. We have the inner fire of our visions and dreams. Sacred fires have been always been used to create ceremonial containers to support connection and transformation, enhancing connection on many levels.

With mentoring from Sal Gencarelle and with help from others trained in these ways I support the creation of fire ceremonies.  These traditions come from powerful lineages of the indigenous peoples of North America. Fire ceremonies can take many forms and for many purposes. We can remember departed loved ones, honour our ancestors, remember our relationship and our belonging with the elements, deepen our ropes of connection to ourselves and our community, take time to be present with our real feelings, share stories, laugh and cry as a way to find greater peace. In times of grief fire can transform, and in times of joy fire can be celebratory. Fire has been used since time immemorial to support the safe processing of grief, loss and sadness, and can form a part of ceremonies that honour and recognise our rites of passages.

It has a powerful relationship with questing, with the ancient ways that help us to seek our vision and alignment with life. With fire we can activate archetypal memories and learn to communicate with more parts of ourselves helping us find our own answers to our deepest questions. Sitting with fire and reflecting with it can be like sitting with a deep listening mentor, awakening knowledge and clear vision. There is a particular fire ceremony called a fire quest for this purpose.

I invite you to get in touch if you would like support to create a fire ceremony to meet your needs.


fire CEREMONIES can meet many needs

  • Fire for life transitions and the challenges that can come with them
  • Rites of Passage at any age
  • Holding of community space for the transitions of others
  • For grieving loss (including the death of loved ones)
  • As a memorial for departed loved ones
  • To connect to the ancestors
  • For connecting and learning from nature and the elements
  • To support a healthy and happy future for the unborn generations and all of creation
  • To experience a vibrant and healthy community
  • Using fire to create personal and community ceremonial containers
  • Fire for vision quest.
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When we honour our Rites of Passage we can grow to our fullest potential and heal from experiences that may have held us from bringing all of who we are to the world. I feel that at this time our culture badly needs to reconnect with practices that can support the renewal of life, healthy connections within ourselves and with one another in community.

A culture that is actively tending and understanding our natural rites of passage as human beings grows in strength, creativity and vitality.  It is able to respond with love in action to the challenges we face locally and globally. True eldership is fostered.

There is a complex and beautiful relationship between ceremony and rites of passage (see blog post). Rites of passage are happening and ceremony is one way we may honour that to support the integration of the experience in a good and healthy way.

My passion is to fully honour and recognise the thresholds we pass through.

I would be honoured to journey with you to explore how you can find ways to meaningfully mark the transitions in your and your families life. Drawing on my experience with ceremony and tending to the inner life we can co create events, small or large, that meet your needs. I am also available to offer mentoring to privately and quietly explore what might be arising for you around your own experiences with rites of passage, acknowledged or not.


work with me to create a ceremony to mark the rites of passage in your life

  • Birthing your own medicine drum
  • Blessing ways for pregnancy
  • Ceremony for burying the placenta
  • Ceremony to welcome your infant into the community
  • Developing a beautiful rite of passage ceremony to welcome your daughter to her womanhood
  • Working with drum journeying for insight and healing.
  • Ceremonies for women to mark transitions such as menopause
  • Honouring miscarriage
  • Honouring the decision to terminate a pregnancy
  • Acknowledging grief and marking loss of a person, job or marriage
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Changes are happening whether we acknowledge them or not. If we can bring our attention and awareness to our thresholds and find ways to be held, witnessed and celebrated, we can be supported to more fully integrate and learn from the transitions that we pass through. Jill.

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Birth your own drum

A day-long ceremony during which you will be guided through making your drum with care and with love. Your intentions for your drum and for your life are held with respect and encouragement. I teach as I have been taught, with reverence for our guides, teachers and ancestors, dedicating our work to our personal healing and for all our relations. We call forth support from spirit to oversee us. We explore how to listen to the hides of the deer and the wood of the hoops for the medicine they bring us.

I invite reflection upon what arises within ourselves and the environment during the course of the process, as it is all useful information that we can use to develop and deepen awareness of our own stories and how we do the creation process in our lives. This often has a relationship with our own birth stories. I encourage and guide enquiry into this theme for self healing and growth. There is time for circle and reflection as part of the drum birthing days. There is no pressure to participate in anything that does not resonate with you.

The days foster a sense of community and I run regular drum circles to gather after birthing your drum to connect with other drummers. Please see the events page for forthcoming dates for birthing days and drum circles.

Price £220 including all materials, deerskin and ash hoops and delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner.

"My drum is waiting and drying in a draughty cupboard in my office about a metre away from me it has ivy around it as it was made under the ivy moon. Not many days now, I am so excited.I loved that the day was spiritual and relaxed with deep, moving ceremony especially to start.The first drumming resonated with my soul and moved me to tears. The whole day was gorgeous physically and timely spacious.  Your expertise and physical strength in the final stages of tying the drum were invaluable, I could not have done it on my own. I would recommend drum birthing to everyone. It is not just a practical workshop but a deep awakening of tribal resonance."