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I am on maternity leave until further notice as a doula. However please do get in touch if you would like to talk through finding a good support person at this time and I would be happy to offer recommendations.

Birth is a powerful transition for all concerned and it feels very important to me that love, care and attention is offered to families at this time. I am passionate about the cycles of womanhood, and how birth fits into the context of our lives.  However we structure our time together, it will be personal to your needs and led by you. You choose what feels right for you, whatever your circumstances. I am currently pregnant so will not be taking on births beyond December, and will then be taking some time off doula work. However, please feel free to contact me if you would like some recommendations about good doulas in the area.

About my Doula Practice

As a Doula I offer emotional and practical support during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. I aim to help you to feel confident to make the right choices for you and to trust and access your own natural wisdom as the process unfolds. Having a Doula is a very personal relationship, so an initial meet up with no obligation or pressure at all is the first step if you think I may be right for you. I always encourage taking time, meeting a few Doulas and following your heart and instincts to choose the one that feels right for you!

Birth is a powerful transition for all concerned and it feels very important to me that love, care and attention is offered to families at this time. Research has shown that having a Doula present for birth has a powerful impact. It shorten first time labours by an average of 2 hours, decreases the chance of caesarean section by 50%, decreases the need for pain medication and increases success with breastfeeding. It also helps fathers to participate with confidence (Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 2002).

If you decide that you would like to work together, we will meet for at least three preparation meetings during your pregnancy. The structure of these will vary depending on your needs and whether you've birthed before. I'll come when you need me for the birth and stay until you and your family are settled following the birth, wherever that may be. I will visit once or more if needed after your baby is born. I feel that having time to debrief the birth can be very rewarding and valuable. I will be available by telephone at all times if you have any questions or concerns. I always have a back up doula available, should anything arise in my own family that might prevent me from being able to attend. I'm also happy to meet regularly for tea (and cake!) if you would like that, to give us a chance to get to know each other better. Although birth has become steadily more medical, I believe in our capacity as women to birth in a natural and empowered way. I support whatever choices you feel are right for you, to help you to feel safe and confident to meet whatever may arise. I provide information about the various options that you have around many aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I hold a caring and non judgemental space in which you can explore hopes, fears, anxieties and expectations. I will listen to you and acknowledge your needs. I try to find ways to work in harmony with the medical system and create a positive birthing environment in which your needs are fully met. I draw upon my background in traditional eastern medicine to offer guidance and support for health specific to this time. Traditional medicine has a deep understanding of healthcare through pregnancy, birth and beyond which can have such a strong impact on well being and postnatal recovery.

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To the degree that you wish I weave in massage, yoga and various techniques that can help you to be more healthy and physically relaxed, and allow for your baby to find the best possible position for birth. I can help you work through any fears, blocks or physical or emotional challenges that may be arising. We can work together to debrief previous birth or life experiences to gather the wisdom that they may bring you to assist you on your birthing journey. I have experience working with women who have experienced physical and sexual abuse and also vaginal birth following ceasaerean (VBAC). I am also interested in how we can make Caesarean a sacred and wonderful birthing experience. If topics arise that are beyond my scope to support, I know many skilled therapists that I can refer you to.

I find it can be very powerful to explore the stories of our own births and first bleeding time as we approach birthing, shedding light on our experiences and the patterns that play out in our lives as women. However we structure our time together, it will be personal to your needs and led by you. You choose what feels right for you, whatever your circumstances.

Once upon a time we lived in much more close knit communities, and our mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers used to be around to nurture the new mother, to guide by experience and help with the practicalities around birth. I feel that its really important to call back this essential element of care around birth and to help women to recognise and celebrate the rite of passage of becoming a mother. The consistency of care that having a doula allows is something that many women really value.

I have studied with leading birth professionals including Michel Odent, Vanessa Brooks, Joy Horner, Jane Hardwicke Collings and Gail Tully. I have covered a wide range of topics such as breech birth, optimal positioning and reboza (traditional techniques for relaxation and turning babies). I continually read and explore the topic of birth with my amazing peer group. I have a lovely library that I am happy to lend you.


Important Details 

I am a member of Doula UK, my practice reflects the Doula UK philosophy and the Doula UK code of conduct.

My fee is £1000. There is a £200 is payable as a hiring fee, with the remainder to be paid after birth.

Please contact me here for more information.