Finding Self
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An opportunity to explore at depth and with good mentoring some of the issues that arise in mothering young people. What do we want for them? What do we want for ourselves that we may never have received in terms of holding? How do support our children in the way that is right for them? How do we find and feed our own longings?

When we talk about rites of passage for our girls I believe it is important to consider and tend to our own journeys as women.  How can we support ourselves with the challenges of mothering and find ways to heal old patterns that can easily get triggered as we parent?
As mothers we are inevitably deeply influenced and affected by our own early mothering and early childhood experiences, and also what has been carried down through the generational matriarchial and patriarchal lines. We often carry the subtle and often not so subtle messages about gender and entitlement deep within ourselves. We believe it is important to be able to take time out to reflect and deepen our awareness of how and what we might unconsciously be communicating to our daughters and sons in our attempts to hold them well in their own unique journeys.

This weekend forms a part of the "Welcoming our Daughters" programs of events, providing rites of passage opportunities and community building for young women and their mothers. This workshop is also relevant for mothers of boys.



I am on maternity leave from February 2019 until later in the year, and will be advertising this workshop again when I return from my break.


"Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her"

- Christianne Northrupp