Finding Self

I am the mother of three lovely and very energetic children. Iā€™m grateful to be living in a loving and supportive community where I find nourishment for my dreams and vision.

I am passionate about nourishing our connection to inner wisdom and natural energy. I have more than seventeen years experience as an acupuncturist which you can read about here -

This website is to share with you my path working with practices that serve the renewal of connection to life, inspired by my training with teachers from diverse contemporary and indigenous traditions. I am truly grateful for my years of study with Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine and movement practices as a pathway to a life long interest in healing and an exploration into what that really means.

The first thread that took me from working exclusively with acupuncture and body work and beginning to explore honouring rites of passage and recognising the value of attending to our cycles was working with birth as a doula. This was a real doorway for me and a personal initiation into finding out more about my vision in life. 

Through my acupuncture and massage practice I became more and more interested in women's health and birth and started attending births offering support as an acupuncturist. With my first pregnancy in 2007 I felt inspired to learn more about birth and attended a Doula training led by Michel Odent. This was a profound opening for me. Following the beautiful birth of my daughter in 2008 I began the process of becoming recognised with the organisation Doula UK and have been registered since 2010. The work inspires me and I love being a doula.

I feel strongly about supporting women to feel more connected to their deep intuitive wisdom. In 2011, in collaboration with dear friends I initiated Red Tent gatherings in the Brighton area where women can gather to support one another and grow more deeply in touch with themselves. I created a large Yurt, a living red tent, which is a space where women can retreat too in nature to rest and restore. If you would like to find out more about these things, please do get in touch.

My work with women led me to partake in the Women in Power program in 2012. This inspired a deep personal journey, including travels to the states to spend time on native reservation lands, training in Shadow work and learning more about Shamanic practices. I felt led by a deepening commitment to honour the sacred feminine in myself and in my community. I have continued to be nourished by "Women in Power". I have staffed many times and I am on the Shadow Work facilitation team.

I am influenced, nourished and inspired by the work of Jane Collings of the School of Shamanic Womancraft and have completed her years training and other courses. Other key teachers in my Women's mysteries journey are Alexandra Pope,  Nicola Kurk and Alisa Starkweather. I have trained with Leslie Lanes of the Rose Circle girls mentoring program.

Tatiana Shuttleworth my colleague and elder is also a source of incredible support and my ongoing education in holding space.

A source of profound inspiration and spiritual influence is the Aboriginal Wirullo Keeper of Women's Lore Minmia. I was blessed to have a three day visit with her some years ago, alone with my second infant son. She has been instrumental in my sharing of the Women's medicine here in the UK and helped me to refine my rites of passage work with girls in alignment with aboriginal spiritual law.

I don't have the words to thank these amazing women for what they are doing to re-member women's wisdom in this time.

With the flow of the years I ve become passionate about recognising how womens work fits into the bigger context of cultural regeneration and how we can move past stories that separate us. Wanting to ground my interest in indigenous healing traditions and how they could be applicable at this time I have been working for several years with Sal Gencarelle of the Helpers Mentoring Society training in ceremony and working with fire. I am in ongoing mentoring and study with him. His depth of holding is incredible and I am very grateful to him and the lineages he represents. I am influenced by the Art of Mentoring program and the 8 Shields institute which brings cultural generation through connective practices with self, other and the natural world. I am in training on the leaders program and village builders project with Jon Young and also mentored by him. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be held by good eldership and ancient wisdom, to find out more how to be in service to the vision of life.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the elder Ayurvedic teacher Baba Ramdas who has supported and mentored me for ten years.  His perspective on the deep layers of healing is core to my practice.

I feel very lucky to have found my path young and had such amazing support along the way.

Over the last four years and informed by my own journey of motherhood I have birthed the "Welcoming our Daughters at the threshold of Womanhood, Welcoming ourselves" programs. I feel strongly that to fully integrate and honour rites of passage for our young people we also need to tend to ourselves. It is hard to step into supporting them when we may not have been supported. These workshops, camps and regular gatherings that celebrate our girls and give us space to resource ourselves and explore the issues that motherhood brings are a source of much joy in my life and a deep vision that I would like to nourish and foster for many years to come with the support of amazing collaborators.

I really enjoy my one to one coaching work with Shadow Work and I am also a certified group facilitator. The modality offers a powerful range of tools to deepen our understanding of the things that operate below the threshold of consciousness that impact our lived experiences. I love the way that in a respectful and gentle manner, real shift is possible helping movement beyond life limiting patterns to peace and increased well being.

I draw on the range of influences and experience that I have gathered to try to offer the most integrated approach that I can in all my work. I have regular supervision with a therapist and am fully insured for all my work.

I have a daily meditation practice and love to dance, sing and enjoy occasional Capoeira (which was once an obsession!). After many years of travel and vigorous movement practices I am currently enjoying slower walks in gorgeous Sussex woodland, at the pace of my younger children.


"Many tribes of a modern kind, doing brand new work same spirit by the side

Joining hearts and hands in ancestral twine, ancestral twine."

- Xavier Rudd