Finding Self

Shadow Work - Shadow Work with Nicola & John Kurk - information about coaching and seminars nationally and internationally - European Shadow Work information
Introduction to Shadow Work on You Tube with Hugh and Marianne, a series of amazing talks about the basics of Shadow Work.


Men's and Women's group work - The ManKind Project

abandofbrothers - A mentoring charity involved with working with young men in the criminal justice system. Women in Power


Women's Mysteries study and topics of interest 
The work of my teacher and mentor Jane Hardwick Collings. Incredible work concerning the women's mysteries, rights of passage and birth. - The work of Alexandra Pope, focusing on creating menstrual health, valuing menopause and much more. - Red Tent temple movement - Listings of red tents in the UK


Doula connections and birth preparation  - use their find a doula search engine to find a recognised doula in your area. - Arvigo therapy for all aspects of woman's womb well being, conception, pregnancy and beyond. - Spinning Babies with Gail Tully, wonderful educational website packed full of information on optimal foetal positioning and simple things to do to make pregnancy more comfortable and support an easy delivery. - My friend Fiona Willis in Frome and her inspiring work with pregnancy support and dance.


Grief and end of life transition - Stephen Jenkinson. Valuable work on how we can honor and support our loved ones, and ourselves, as we face death and dying.


Women's and Girl's empowerment and self development

A mighty girl  inspirational and gender positive books/films for Girls
Omega Women's leadership Centre
junior youth spiritual empowerment programme -
This PhD thesis broke grounds in the 1990s by helping to reconceptulise power in generative terms aswell as in its zero-sum terms -  a young people’s guide to making positive relationships matter - developed in Wales

It's time we talked  Reality and risk - pornography - developed in Australia

Zero tolerance briefing for sexualisation

Understanding the risks of premature sexualisation 2011 NSPCC report

Young minds - UK Charity championing well-being and mental health in young people

The Circle - Women Empowering Women (Annie Lennox set it up)

Women in media Leaders Quest

Girls Leadership

The Moon Inside You - film

The Red School - feminine leadership & spirituality

Women In Power Rites of passage for adult women, amazing program.

Embrace - film about positive body image

School of Shamanic Womancraft - the school I did my training with, amazing work by Jane

Kookie Inspiring magazine for pre teen girls



Menarche and Supporting ourselves and our Daughters through puberty

Girl Up - Laura Bates
Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years -  Eliza Reynolds and Sil Reynolds
The heroines club, a mother daughter empowerment circle – Melia Keeton Digby
The Thundering Years, rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens – Julie Tallard Johnson
Moon Mother, Moon Daughter, myths and rituals that celebrate a girls coming of age - Jane Lucy and Terri Allison
Menarche A journey into Womanhood – Rachael Hertogs
Becoming a Woman – Jane Hardwick Collins
Strong is the new pretty – Kate Parker
The Goddess in every Girl, develop your teen feminine power – M Abadie
Girls Rising, a guide to nurturing a confident and soulful adolescent - Urana Jackson
Nine Passages for women and girls, ceremonies and stories of transformation – Gail Burkett
Reaching for the moon – Lucy Pearce
What should we tell our daughters – Melissa Benn
Untangled – Lisa Damour
The seven sacred rites of menarche, the spiritual journey of the adolescent girl – Kristi Boylan
Raising Girls – Steve Biddulph


Womens Wisdom

I Know I'm in There Somewhere: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity -  Helene G. Brenner
Braiding Sweetgrass, Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants – Robin Wall Kimmerer
Her Blood is Gold, Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation – Lara Owen
Vagina, a new biography – Naomi Wolf
The Pill, are you sure it's for you – Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope
Wild Power, Discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power – Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Pussy A reclamation – Regena Thomashauer
Women who run with the Wolves, contacting the Power of the wild woman – Alice Walker
Moon Magic – Lori Read
Circle of Stones – Judith Duerk
I sit Listening to the Wind – Judith Duerk
Daughters of Copper Woman – Anne Cameron
Calling the circle – Christina Baldwin
Marija Gimbutas, The language of the Goddess -
Shakti Woman – Vicki Noble
Dancing in the Flames - Marion Woodman
Gifts from the Elders – Gail Burkett
Red Moon, understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle – Miranda Grey
Leaving my fathers house, a journey into conscious femininity – Marrion Moodman
Mother daughter Wisdom, understanding the crucial link bewteen mothers, daughters and Health – Christianne Northrup
If Women Rose Rooted, The journey to Authenticity and Belonging – Sharon Blackie
The Heroines Journey, A womans quest for wholeness – Maureen Murdock
The Wise Wound, Menstruation and Everywoman – Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove
Emergence of the Sensual Woman, Awakening our erotic innocence – Saida Desilets
Womens bodies womens wisdom, Christianne Northrupp



Passage to Power – Leslie Kenton
Kissing the Hag, the dark goddess and the unnacceptable nature of women – Emma Restall Orr
The Wisdom of Menopause - Christianne Northrupp
Crossing to avalon – Jean Shinoba Bolen